• Standard four-row ball linear guide
  • Selected types in stock, fast delivery
  • Five accuracy classes, four preload classes
  • Speed up to 10 m/s, acceleration up to 500 m/s2
  • Same maximum load capacity in all directions
  • Threaded rails for top and bottom mounting
  • PRICES: we offer linear guides at favourable prices, send us an enquiry to and we will be happy to prepare a tailor-made price calculation
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Specifications - parameters

Main characteristics of linear lines:

Profil vedení   CPC's ARC/HRC/ERC linear guideway contains four rows of ball tracks arranged in an O-geometry with a 45° contact angle between the balls and the rail. This design provides high resistance to moment and torsional stresses. Compared to the linear track with X-geometry, it is possible to use larger diameter balls and thus achieve greater strength, stiffness and the ability to withstand higher moments.  


Internal lubrication system

The design of the polyurethane foam lubrication pads does not extend the length of the ball paths and allows contact with all balls. Lubricating oil can be replenished via lubrication channels, while the foam pads retain oil for long term to ensure effective lubrication. Efficient oil dispensing contributes to environmental protection and reduces service costs. The lubrication system works reliably even with short feeds.

Mazání lineárního vedení



Protection against dirt

The standard seal - version S - provides better protection against dirt and better lubricant retention. This type of seal is suitable for applications that will be exposed to dirt for long periods of time.

Version B seal - this is a reduced friction seal. This type of seal is suitable for environments with less dirt and allows movement with lower losses.

  Schéma těsnění  



Reinforcement of trolleys with stainless steel plates

CPC has a patented solution for reinforcing trolleys with stainless steel plates. The trolley is reinforced on both sides with stainless steel plates attached directly to the trolley carcass to strengthen its overall structure. This allows speeds of up to 10 m/s and acceleration of up to 500 m/s2.


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PRICING: we offer linear guides at competitive prices, send us an inquiry to and we will be happy to prepare a customized price calculation for you.

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