DC Motors

DC brush motors (also referred to as DC motors) allow easy speed control by input voltage, the direction of motor rotation can be changed by reversing the polarity of the supply voltage and provide high starting torque. The motors contain commutators (brushes) which wear out during operation and limit the life of the motor. DC brush motors are designed for 12, 24 and 90 V DC supply voltages, and 3 V DC for the K12 series. DC motors are offered either alone or in combination with a spur, worm (angular), planetary gearbox or brake.

XD/XA Řada
ø 42 až 80 mm
Výkon 15 až 220 W
Otáčky až 4000 ot/min
Miniaturní DC motory
ø 12 až 40 mm
Výkon 1,1 až 400 W
Otáčky až 50 tis. ot/min
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